From roof top unit to diffuser, cooling tower to chiller, we have the HVAC experience and solutions our commercial clients need. Our professionals install and maintain a variety of heating and cooling systems and equipment: variable air volume, constant flow, water source heat pump, chillers, hot water and steam boilers, and pumps and controls. Scientific Air is a dealer for Carrier®, manufacturer of the best central heating and air conditioning systems available today. In fact, the Carrier® systems we install have almost zero warranty issues on new installations.
Depending upon a building's particular use and age, Scientific Air has the solutions. We can manage the whole HVAC project from start to finish, bring it in within budget and satisfy the most demanding building owner or facility manager. President Michael Leach, who has an engineering background, is no stranger to architects' and designers' blueprints, and Scientific Air is no stranger to custom installations.

Scientific Air's installers will take careful measurements, fabricate duct work to suit every building plans, and ensure that the central heating and air condition system meets the particular building's requirements. We will also plan our construction carefully to minimize disruptions to your building's operations, and leave the property clean and ready for business. Most of our new commercial installations are in properties that range from 10,000 to 100,000 square feet, such as family-owned retail locations, car dealerships, small strip centers and low-rise office buildings.
When further repair is not cost effective, Scientific Air will replace outdated or broken HVAC systems and manage the entire replacement project. We analyze the existing system to ensure it will work with the replacement equipment we select and keep your building environment comfortable-the way it's supposed to be.
Many of the buildings we take over have had very poor system reliability, costly and inefficient energy usage, and multiple service calls a week that don't fix the underlying problem. We often find evidence of quick-fix repair attempts, wrong parts, and jumpers and notes in the control panels, not to mention frustrated tenants and unhappy building owners.

Scientific Air's approach is to examine the whole system, including the original engineering; then formulate a plan to find and fix the underlying problem and return the system and machinery back to the original design. After that, the number of service calls drops dramatically, repair costs decrease, tenants are more comfortable and building owners and much happier.
Scientific Air Conditioning and Heating monitors your new system throughout its entire lifespan, and we make sure that all equipment we maintain looks and runs as close to new as possible for as long as possible. The control panel wires and all equipment bolts are tightened at regular intervals, and the coils, pans and units are cleaned. We use original equipment parts from the manufacture made for the specific system, and replace any missing screws and bolts, put on all covers and attach guards whenever needed to keep the units quiet, clean and operating safely.

In addition to these services, our commercial maintenance plan includes four visits a year that follow the seasons. We tune up the systems before summer and winter, replace the filters and check operation in a timely manner, and check for potential problems before they occur.