This beautiful home in northern New Jersey had an extensive heating and cooling system that never was quite right. The home was cool in the winter and either warm or cool and clammy in the summer. The homeowner was very dissatisfied with his system.

Scientific Air analyzed the existing heating and cooling system and found that although the basic piping, duct work and equipment were fine, the necessary refinements to the system were either omitted or never set up and adjusted. Our professional technicians balanced the water flow through the air conditioners, coils and boilers, set the air flow through the air handlers, and set the correct thermostat control parameters. The temperature and humidity problems in the home were eliminated . along with many service calls.
Scientific Air was contracted to replace the standard residential hot air furnace and air conditioner in a 1960's ranch home in central New Jersey. We replaced the system with the Carrier® Infinity two-stage heating, cooling and humidity control system. This new system was 30% lower in capacity, which meant the home was cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and the homeowner's utility bills went down substantially.
The humidity in this company's manufacturing area was too high. Scientific Air Conditioning and Heating had Carrier® engineering simulate the equipment and system on its computer system. By adjusting the equipment to Carrier's® recommendations, bringing the humidity level to within .5% of the target.
This church had a 30-ton two-stage air handler, condenser and hot water boiler. The system includes a Trane heavy commercial grade equipment and a Barber-Coleman control system. When the system operated the temperature control was very poor.

Scientific Air found that many modifications had been made to the original control system and there were some failed parts. Our technicians returned the control system to its original design and upgraded the system so it worked as intended.
An early Carrier® variable air volume (VAV) system powered Moduline VAV boxes. The Carrier® Moduline system was the top-of-the-line product when the building was built. However, temperature control and noise in building was poor for years. Scientific Air diagnosed the problem as duct pressure that was too low due to modifications made to the system after its original construction.

We repaired the duct work and duct pressure controls. The duct pressure increased and thermostats and VAV boxes throughout the building began to work correctly. Proper temperature control returned to the building and noise was eliminated.